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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2604 - 2607

 2604. A man wanted to become a Samurai swordsman so he went to a master and asked for instruction. The master said to him, “I will teach you my art, but first you must take this shovel and dig a tunnel through yonder mountain.” The student, having confidence in the master, began to dig a tunnel through the mountain.

  2605. As he dug he thought to himself, there must be some connection between this shovel I have been given to do this task, and it obviously must have a relationship to the beautiful swords those Samurai’s have, and that I too will have once I finish with this task I have been given.

 2606. As he dug each day he tried to think how the motions of the digging could be related to all those striking and slashing motions he had seen the Samurais perform, but he could not manage to make any connection. Still, day after day he pursued his task until almost a year had gone by. 

2607. Then one day the master crept up behind him with a bamboo pole, and without so much as a greeting he proceeded to flay his student about the head and shoulders from behind until he was unconscious and black and blue all over his body. After that the student continued to dig away at his tunnel.

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