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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2596 - 2599

 2596. When given this task of making a picture of the world or things in it, the brain begins to hum along in fourth gear, and is happy to disregard anything that does not fit into its measurements and calculations. 

 2597. Regardless of the truth of the real world, the lightest light in a painting is just going to be white paint, and the darkest dark can obviously only be black paint, and that black paint will have light shining on it. And all the myriad tones and tints in-between find their place somewhere in the middle between those two.

 2598. You may suspect that Faldoni as he worked at his face painting project was gradually developing both skills and perceptual abilities as he progressed, and even though he considered what he was doing strictly his private business, of no concern to anyone else, it was bound to happen that someday the truth of his gradually changing character would be noticed.

2599. Like so many events in his life, his new abilities were noticed by accident. But, before I tell you about how Faldoni’s skills were discovered, I want to point out a comparison of Faldoni’s life to certain story lines you might find in, of all places, martial arts stories. Perhaps you have already noticed the similarity.

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