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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2576 - 2579

 2576. You can see at a glance that the two orange squares look like different tints of the same color. The one on the black background looks like a lighter color. But, if you reverse them, the one on the black remains the lighter tint. You may even suspect that those two orange squares are not quite the same to begin with but they are, that is if you are doing as you are told. 

 2577. The effect is even more dramatic if you compare the tomato squares to two different colors, rather than to just a light and dark background. Take your January Architectural Digest that you borrowed from the library and go to page 184. Tear out the page; it has a nice intense sky blue up toward the top. As soon as you tear it out you will see on the previous page a gold color that is the back wall of a bathtub.

2578. The bathtub surround may be garish and over done in a pure white setting, but I am sure the designer, whomever he was, thinks it was the right touch, nevertheless the gold color toward the top can be a nice contrast to the sky blue of the previous page. Put the tomato squares on the blue and the gold and observe an even greater difference than in the previous experiment. 

2579. Perhaps you think this is just as well, and of no consequence, and you might point out that there is nothing in this universe that isn’t affected, and or adjusted  by the effect of its surroundings.

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