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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2584 - 2587

 2584. Soon the mood of the scene changed from hopeful to anxious and as the mood changed so did the colors of the actors, and soon the color of the backdrop changed also. Whereas the clothing had been red at first, gradually it changed to gold, and then to a murky brown, and at the same time the hues of the background went from blue and green to an ominous dark purple. 

 2585. I was so disturbed by this change of color that I began looking around trying to figure out how it could have happened, and I noticed high up in a balcony  strange contraptions: sets of spotlights in front of which were colored filters, and there were people up there manning the color changing machines. They would insert filters and suddenly, as if out of nowhere, the color of things on the stage would change dramatically.

 2586. It became obvious to me that the stage and the actors had no real color of their own and the color of things on the stage was determined by the mechanics of the lights and the filters. This was certainly a frightening and upsetting realization. 

 2587. I began to wonder about a certain dress worn by the main female character. In the first act it had been green, but now in the third act it was purple. I wondered, “If later I go into her dressing room and have a look at that dress, will I be able to discover it true identity, its true color, away from those disturbing and changing lights?”

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