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Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 100 - 103

 100. I was in a gift store looking at the figurines of the sort my mother hated, and that I had smashed so many years ago, and on a shelf among them was the Captain’s sculpture, cast in plaster, but painted to look like bronze. It was the exact same figure, the same size and the same details.

101. The work that the Captain was bringing to class each week, and working on at home with feverish diligence was a forgery.

102. How he was managing to duplicate it so perfectly I had no idea, and I certainly could never have done such a masterful copy of the thing no matter how hard I might have tried.

103. Apparently, he had found a piece of sculpture he greatly admired, purchased it, and was completely absorbed in duplicating it. I am quite positive it would have never crossed his mind that he as forging something, and that it might even be against the law.

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