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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 45 -48

45. There was something very facile and skillful about these figure drawings, but what they all lacked was any possible indication of what the model might have been like.

46. I became critical of the entire concept and tried to keep my irritation to myself, but one time I came across a lovely drawing of a woman that Rubens did, and one thing was obvious to me, there was no indication of any blocks or bricks or spheres in the thing, and if their was it certainly would have ruined it.

47. But things were not hopeless for me, because I continued with my project of casting manhole covers and the like from the street, and except for the Captain, I was considered Mrs. Festini’s star sculpture pupil.

48. The Captain never varied from his goal, and as the weeks went by, we were astounded to see him create the figure of a deer, standing on top of a mountain ridge, with his head turned majestically to the side.

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