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Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 104 - 107

104. “But,” I thought, “What about my casting of the manhole covers, wasn’t I also a forger?” What a terrible quandary I found myself in all of a sudden.

105. I pictured to myself the person who had so painstakingly crafted the original wood mold for the cast iron manhole cover. I could see him now, in my minds eye, complaining to the police about my doings, complaining to the Captain of the police himself, and his crew in the sculpture studio.

106. What I was doing was even worse that what the Captain was doing, because I wasn’t crafting a copy of the thing, but simply casting it directly from life, and calling the cast a work of art, created by yours truly, Richard Bartlesby, retired postal clerk, and forger of man-hole covers.

107. I knew for a fact that whomever had created the manhole covers was probably long dead, and besides, has anyone ever seen an artist’s signature on any of these millions of utilitarian metal objects we are surrounded by everywhere?

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