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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 48 - 51

48. It now became an important part of class instruction for all of us to sit in a circle and listen to our teacher both praise and explain the Captain’s marvelous sculpture to us. 

49. I am not going to transcribe all the things she said for this reason, at the time I did not find it either interesting or enlightening, and so I think to myself, if I found it tedious, how much the worse for you, to hear my uninspired transcription of it.

50. Nevertheless, I need to point out certain observations. She pointed out how both of the front legs were touching. The reason for this was because merging the two forms into one added strength and stability.

51. Although the back legs did not touch, the Captain had cleverly added a tree trunk to his figure, and tree trunk managed to touch both of the back legs, and entirely fill the space between them.

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