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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chapter 8, Love Story, parts 332 - 335

Richard Britell July 6, 2012

332. Her first owner was not the the one who used to measure out her oil with a coffee spoon, but whomever it was, she did not recollect because she did not develop consciousness until she was about five, and had changed owners twice already. What she knew of her childhood came from the comments of a fortune telling gypsy.

333. She had a serious illness when she was three and was hospitalized for many months, and spent several weeks dismantled and on a lift in a Paris garage.

334. Her first twenty years were rather uneventful; a series of owners at two or three year intervals. Hers was the usual story of a Paris car; five months with a hairdresser, then two years with a high school teacher. She had rather fond memories of seven years spent in the countryside at a vineyard where she only had to go into town once a week.

335. The defining event of her life happened only two years ago when she was eighteen, and was for sale at a used car lot in the 20th Arrondissement. She was purchased by an American college student who was studying Fashion Design at the Sorbonne.  

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