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Friday, July 13, 2012

Love Story, parts 360 - 363

Richard Britell July 13, 2012 

360. "Obviously you do not believe that a car can be in love and have sexual reactions" replied the Duck in his most condescending tone of voice. "People believe that they, and only they have an exclusive monopoly on consciousness, sensation, thought and feeling. This is the reason you are so disconnected from the universe and your life experience is so pathetically limited compared say, to the average squirrel."

361. "It never crosses your mind that a mountain knows it is a mountain, the sun knows it is the sun, a car knows it is a car, and that all of these things have rich emotional lives you can never grasp, or even imagine. This truth looks you right in the eye out of the face of any dog, touches you in the caress of any breeze, but it is all lost on you poor people who are the least feeling of all sentient objects in this universe." Thus the Duck concluded his sermon, for what else was it, if you ask me?

362. "There is no arguing with you Duck, I finally said," But tell me then, how did my 2CV's affair with the American college student end, I am rather curious to know." 

363. "Her romance ended tragically for her, and what made it even worse was the fact that Sarah was never for a moment even aware of the terrible damage she was inflicting on her beloved car, but I am getting ahead of myself."

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