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Monday, July 9, 2012

Love Story, parts 344 - 347

Richard Britell July 9, 2012 

344.  At this point in the narration of the 2CV's story the Duck felt it was necessary to stop and give me a lecture about the complexity and depth of a car's emotional life. "You people will never for an instant understand that forms other than yourself have an emotional life," he began. 

345. "A person will gladly admit that any common dog has sharper sight, better hearing, and a finer sense of smell that a person has, and yet they would never consent to consider that a dog has a more complex and varied emotional life than a person has. This is a blindness caused by ego-centrism." 

346. "The fact is", continued the Duck, "any old car has a deeper and more complicated emotional life than a person has, and if you do not understand this fact it will be impossible for you to grasp what I am now going to tell you about the relationship between Nani, and Sarah Meyers. 

347. "A car's complex emotional life can never be translated completely into the English language, any more than Russian can be  rendered accurately in the German tongue, and so you must keep this in mind as I tell you what happened to Nani as a result of her involvement with Ms. Meyers."

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