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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Love Story, parts 336 - 339

336. From that day her life was completely transformed. She had a garage to herself for the first time in her life, and the American student was completely infatuated with her. The owner, Sarah Meyers, felt that the car was as French as it was possible to be, and being a Francophile herself, loved the vehicle to distraction.

337. If Sarah met anyone, the first thing they were subjected to was a ride in the countryside in her old 2CV, and on these rides Nani heard herself described in the most glowing and adoring terms. Sarah would even pick up hitch-hikers on the road to share with them her purely American love for the car, a love not easily understood by the French, for whom it is not a curiosity. 

338. Sarah decided to do all the routine maintenance to Nani herself, and as a start she purchased the repair manual and read it from cover to cover. Sarah was not too mechanical, but she tried to picture to herself removing the transmission, and taking it apart. 

339. First of all the oil had to be changed, and after that she would learn about a tune up, and how it is done. She read the passage about changing the oil and discovered there was also an oil filter to be removed and replaced. The directions were not clear to her however, and she was a long time trying to find the filter in the engine compartment.

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