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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Love Story, parts 356 - 359

Richard Britell July 12, 2012
356. "Now this business of constantly checking the oil and looking to see if the  transmission oil is topped up has a sexual aspect to it and there was no way that this sort of constant automotive petting could not have led to serious sexual responses in the 2CV, and so, at the end of a few months of this treatment Nani was a car hopelessly and passionately in love with her owner."

357. "And you have to keep in mind that this passionate involvement was taking place in Paris, a city that only exacerbates and inflames passionate feelings. There were late night drives, picnics in the countryside, cool evenings driving down the the Champs-Elysees with the canvas top rolled back."

358. "And then you must remember that Nani was in love with an American girl, a foreigner, whose odd way of speaking French, her accent and mispronunciations gave to the relationship a color, depth, and novelty you only see in movies.

 359. At this point I had to interrupt. "Look Duck", I said, "do you really expect me to believe that my 2CV, this old heap I am driving, was in love and involved in a torrid affair with an American girl in Paris two years ago? I have had to accept a lot of very strange ideas from you but this is just too much. You want me to believe my car is a lesbian that can be sexually aroused by having her oil checked! I don't believe it, I simply do not believe it."

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