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Monday, July 30, 2012

Childhood Of The Art Historian, parts 424 - 427

424. But I hated our art teacher and I had no intention of  reading a book on an artist.  I decided to create my own book, and I thought up the title right away, it was going to be called, "One Hundred And One Shades Of Red. It would be great and sell thousands of copies. The first line was, "There are a great many various shades of red." People would not be able to put down a book like that.

425. During the time I worked on my book about the color red I had an experience that showed me just how important my color acuity was.

426. I saw a boy steal a pocketbook from an old woman. The police asked me  for a description of the thief, and invited me to ride in the police car to to try and identify the suspect.

427. I said to the police man, "The boy is blond, and he is wearing a black and chartreuse hunting jacket. "Whatszat?" the policeman asked. "You know", I replied, "Light green tending toward yellow. " 

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