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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Love Story, parts 340 - 343

Richard Britell July 8, 2012

340. One Saturday morning Ms. Myers put on some overalls, opened the bonnet of her 2CV, and attempted to remove the oil filter. Never having worked on a car in her life she made three mistakes, she did not remove the drain plug at the bottom of the engine first, secondly she tried to remove it by hand, and third, she did not wait for the engine to cool off.

341. This was not a disaster however, she removed her hands from the filter the very instant she felt its heat. She shut the bonnet, went into her apartment, and put Vaseline on her fingertips.

342. "How on earth was Sarah Meyers supposed to know that you don't unscrew an oil filter with your fingers?" interjected the Duck at this point.  "Those repair guides are very misleading, especially for a young girl. The guide said screw it in finger-tight, wasn't it natural for her to attempt to unscrew it with her fingers?"

343. The tragic thing about this little event was that Nani saw it coming. She understood that her new owner was going to do the service herself and she was moved to the depths of her transmission gears with anticipation. She had dreamed of what it would be like and now, instead of the sublime experience she was anticipating, she had injured her owner instead. She was devastated.

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