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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rejection And Abandonment, parts 380 - 383

Richard Britell July, 18, 2012

380. What the taxi prostitute said to Nana is pretty much what you or I would have said if we found ourselves in a similar situation; forced to give unwanted advice that will break some one's heart.  She started with a blunt declaration of the truth, saying. "Little sister, you are not going to America, put that right out of your little head. People are not like cars, their love is shallow and not lasting, their hearts can change with each new model year, especially the Americans."

381. The taxi Prostitute did not pull any punches, in her crass way she made no attempt to soften the blow. "Your precious Sarah will forget all about you the instant she is buckled into her seat in the plane. All the dear things she said to you will never even cross her mind, as she notes down in some notebook all the exciting things she will plan to do back in America."

382. The 2CV had no reaction to the things the taxi was telling her. All along she had known in her heart that it was over. Dreaming of America  was just a smoke screen to divert her thoughts from the terrible reality of being put back on the used car market, a thing she though she would never have to face again. "Don't you see, you are going to be sold down the river, you may never even see Paris again. Teenagers will make you into a doon buggy and drive you up and down huge piles of rocks all day long." The taxi said.

383. "Just be glad you had a few good years, perhaps you will be sold into taxi prostitution like me, that is what every one fears, but take it from me, it is not so bad. Once you know true love is not a possibility, you take each day as it comes, and even in the midst of the fast food wrappers and vomit in your back seat, life is still worth living in its own pointless way, you will see."

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