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Friday, July 20, 2012

Rejection And Abandonment, parts 384 - 387

Richard Britell July, 19, 2012

384.  The old taxi prostitute knew she was right. For a car to have a devoted owner has its advantages, it was nice to be taken to be vacuumed on Saturday morning at ten o'clock every week, and that sort of thing.  But, on the other hand, consider the excitement of never knowing who you would pick up next, Americans  from Texas in the morning, drug runners at lunch, and movie stars in the evening. But there was no point telling this to Nani, she was in no state to hear it.

385. But the taxi wanted to soften the blow, and so she said. "Your Sarah will come back you know, they all do. She will come looking for you again in twenty years with a tour bus full of Americans on holiday.

386. Back home she will be married with grown up kids. Her Paris days will be a distant memory. But one day she will drive out to Walmart to buy more lawn furniture because of a big summer get together at her house, and in the parking lot she will come across an old 2cv, parked way in the distance where the fussy owner hopes to avoid dents and scratches. It will be a well kept car, belonging to some old professor of literature at the local community college, he drives it only in the summer.

387. She will come across that car, and she will stare into its windows. Her past will rise up in her, and she will remember a time when she was 18 and thought, 'I will throw some things in the back seat this morning and go see what Bulgaria looks like', free as a bird, like a gypsy. And that old college professor, returning to his car will not disturb her when he sees her, because he will know what her tears are all about, having seen this before.

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