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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rejection And Abandonment, parts 376 - 379

Richard Britell July, 17, 2012

376. Only one thing was certain, they all knew for a fact that Nani was going to be left behind, that she would never see America. They knew it but did not have the heart to tell her.

377. They had seen it all before. 2CVs were especially vulnerable to this catastrophe because they were not sold in America and so were more exotic looking creatures. Recently an almost new 2CV plunged herself into the Seine after she was abandoned by an actor when the film he was working in was completed.  He didn't even bother to put her up for sale; just left he in the street. She was left in neutral, and the emergency brake not engaged.

378. The papers said it was an accident, but everyone in the neighborhood knew 
it was a suicide.

379. Finally one of the old Paris prostitute cars, a taxi, decided she would break the news to her.  She had been in Rome, and Milan, she had worked in Copenhagen and Berlin, seen the world. She too had been abandoned by an art student in Sicily thirty years ago and sold into taxi prostitution by the Mafia back then.

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