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Friday, August 31, 2012

Coromo, parts 556 - 559

556. The sisters returned to the village with Coromo two weeks later and this time they brought along sets of crayons, ball-point pens, pencils, magic markers, a number of sets of watercolor paints,  drawing pads, and several sets of poster paints, the type used in grade school. There idea was to give the children toys that were simple, and did not involve batteries or electricity. For the adults they had several wind up clocks , mirrors, and some odds and ends of clothing.

557. As you can imagine this visit was a big hit, and although the children were thrilled with the gifts, they loved the magic markers best.

558. These children did not have any understanding of the mechanics of magic markers, and after their first long session with them, they were left on the ground with their caps off and the next morning they were all dried up and useless. Then they attacked the ball-point pens, and this kept them occupied for the entire day but the pens suffered the same fate as the magic markers.

559. The watercolor sets were a complete mystery to the children, who never managed to comprehend that water was required, and as for the poster paint, as soon as the caps were off it all turned rock hard in one afternoon. Only the crayons held out for several days and then all melted into a big multicolored glob at the bottom of a tin can.

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