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Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Schism, parts 3711 - 3714

 3711. I have to apologize for getting so far off the track of my narrative, but perhaps I was so carried away by trying to describe Alexis for you, that I have entirely lost track of my story. 

 3712. Now to return to Harriet’s disaster. She had diverted the concern for her sad mood by casting the blame onto her aunt who had recently died. Her friend Natalie did not believe this explanation and began to probe her friend for a more believable explanation. Finally she gave up her inquiry and seemingly changed the direction of the conversation to something entirely different.

 3713. “You know,” she said, “These yellow walls with their crimson drapes give me a wonderful idea. Why don’t we design a new uniform for Alexis? I can envision a pale yellow short jacket and trousers of the same cloth. The cloth will be thick, as for winter, and with a slight nap like the down on a young boy's lip. 

3714. Down the length of the pants leg will run a narrow double stripe of crimson, the very same crimson of your drapes. Count Rostovitch has his footman in yellow, and the very impracticability of such a color is almost as extraordinary and beautiful as the all white uniforms of the court.

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