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Monday, October 6, 2014

The Schism, parts 3719 - 3722

 3719. In the end Harriet excused herself from the card game and retired to her room for the night. In the morning she seemed to have recovered completely. She still complained of having ‘La Grippe,’ and was often seen to retire to her room for a few minutes. But she recovered quickly, and carried out her duties as the head of her large estate establishment, giving orders for the shopping, the meals, and the care of the house as usual.

 3720. They were in the country at their estate, as you know, and every night an occasion was found for parties and gatherings with either the neighbors, or visits of friends or family from the city. The bustle kept her from remembering what was wrong.

 3721. She was almost able to push it out of her mind. In the morning she would wake up refreshed and rested, but before she was up she would feel an anxiety with no apparent cause, and then, before she finished combing her hair, she would be fighting with herself to act in a normal way.

3722. Finally, after three days of torment, her husband entered her room and found her in tears, with her face pressed into one of Alexis’ jackets; her favorite, crimson with a dark blue stripe.

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