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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Schism, parts 3699 - 3702

 3699. Natalie was not convinced by this explanation, and driven by a combination of curiosity and suspicion, began to question Harriett about the dead Aunt Marfa. She asked about the pending lawsuit first of all, and then reminded everyone at the table of the memorable visit of Marfa the year before. 

 3700. That visit had left a terrible impression on everyone, especially when she struck one of Harriett’s poodles with her walking stick when it came too close to her foot. When the poor dog barked at her she practically died of fright and then would not be satisfied until the poor thing was put to sleep.

  3701. The little dog was not actually put to sleep, but Marfa was mollified by showing her a bundled and tied up blanket that passed for a dead dog at a distance. Because of these things Natalie was not even a little convinced that Harriet’s troubles concerned the old Aunt.

3702. She was like the head coachmen who had suggested to Harriett that Alexis had been sent into the army. She was envious of the horses, carriages, and attendants of her nearest neighbor, but she was especially envious of Harriet’s coach boy Alexis, whom she had often eyed from as distance.

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