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Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Schism, parts 3727 - 3730

 3727. She was proud of her two avocado plants, which flanked the entrance of her greenhouse, they rose to a height of eighteen feet, just two feet shy of the glass ceiling. Through the glass of the greenhouse wall she saw her Alexis jump down from the box at the rear of the coach. Harriet cut a little red rose from a rose bush, held it to her nose, closed her eyes and smiled to herself. 

 3728. Three uneventful years went by and the Browning poem was never mentioned again. Because of his natural aptitude, not to mention the attractiveness of his person, Alexis soon graduated to a position on the household staff. He was relegated to the kitchen at first, and seldom came in contact with his Mistress, or the Master of the house.

 3729 Harriet inquired about how he was doing at about one month intervals. The inquiries were always on the same day of the month that he had returned to her. Except for this quirk in her behavior, you would not have known he was more important in her eye than any other of the staff of the household. 

3730. On his fifteenth birthday he began almost to wait at table. He was given a position of runner to the kitchen, and was seen constantly fleet of foot, bringing dishes on a try above his shoulder, from one place to another with his habitual grace.

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