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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Birthday, parts 3799 - 3802

 3799. We have not said anything about Clara, Harriet’s sister because she is the most difficult of the party to describe. She was older than Harriet by about ten years, so she was about 62 years old at the time. 

 3800. Her social life had more or a less come to an end about a decade ago when her husband had developed heart problems. Dr. Herzenstube was forced to call in specialists to deal with the case because he could not figure it out. The heart specialists were convinced that Clara’s husband had only a few months to live.

 3801. That was a decade ago and still her husband clung to life even though he was, to all appearances, barely alive. Clara could have easily hired several nurses to take care of her husband and look after him night and day, but she felt it was a religious obligation for her to do it all herself. 

3802. She did have one assistant to help her, and to be available if she needed to absolutely get a few hours sleep, but Clara attended to all of the basic chores of her husband’s illness. For the first three years of this ordeal she hardly even left the house except for the most pressing obligations, and even then she would rush back home anxiously with her mind full of visions of disaster.

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