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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Birthday party, parts 3811 - 3814

3811. They foresaw no conflict arising from their plan to work for the destruction of the government, simply because they had implicit faith in both the Tsar, and their Bible study group leader. They knew that the Tsar was devout and so it was obvious to them that he could not possibly ignore directions, which would be coming directly to him via the leader of their study group. 

3812. The government had to be recreated following the instructions sent from the Divine Mind, as revealed to the sect’s leaders who were obviously divinely inspired. They were divinely inspired because otherwise they could never have come up with these outlandish ideas in the first place.

3813. I refer to the sect’s leaders in the plural but that is a misstatement, because the Bible reading group had been created and directed by one man, a Doctor of Divinity who had graduated from Yale’s Divinity School. This is not the place to describe this man, who was simply a con-artist and charlatan who spent his time exploiting middle aged woman in emotionally difficult circumstances. Clara had fallen under his spell, and that is all we need to know about him at this point.

3814. For Clara the Bible study group became the one thing she felt was important enough to abandon the care of her husband. Gradually household employees and nurses looked after him as she devoted more and more time to her religious activities. You would think a group with such outlandish and extreme ideas might come under the watchful eye of the secret police, but the police took no interest in them.

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