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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Schism, parts 3755 - 3758

 3755. Ivan accepted his position as simply a helper in his father’s atelier, and outwardly he was a model of obedience and industry, but inside he was consumed with anger and envy. He was envious of the strangers his father brought into the shop, who worked long hours for free, glad to be able to find out the secrets of the art. Those young men looked forward to careers as the makers of grand monuments.

 3756. Ivan was sent out of his fathers shop on an errand. He had to purchase a quantity of lead to be used in the casting of small figures from wax molds. On his way home he stopped for a few moments to admire an equestrian statue that had recently been unveiled in a nearby square.

  3757. The horse and its rider was a work created by his grandfather, and it had been recently restored by his father. Ivan’s entire family was deeply proud of the work, and it was often brought up in conversation when the family got together to tell stories of their exploits.

3758. Ivan had the good fortune that day to overhear a conversation by some particularly educated men who were standing nearby engrossed in a debate about the merits of his family greatest accomplishment.

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