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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Birthday, Party, parts 3807 - 3810

 3807. After her husband had been immobile for four years she began to go out of the house for one afternoon a week, this excursion was to a church nearby where she attended a Bible reading and study group sponsored by missionaries of some Protestant sect from America.

 3808. For some unknown reason these Bible study sessions took place in an auxiliary building of a local Russian Orthodox Church. This was a highly irregular situation but was made possible by a new priest who considered himself to be aware of the “new ideas.”

 3809. These Bible reading and scriptural study meetings at first were of a very benign nature, but they soon evolved into a secretive and conspiratorial association. Under the umbrella of a devout and pious activity, the members began to form a small sect with an agenda, an almost revolutionary agenda.

3810. Studying the Bible they reached certain conclusions about government. There idea could be stated simply, and it was this, “Christ will return one day and His reign on earth will commence. In order to prepare for His coming, secular and monarchical government had to be abandoned and the rule of the church had to he instituted.”

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