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Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Schism, parts 3703 - 3706

 3703. Often she had begged her husband to provide her with a carriage, horses and attendants of her own, and, although he always agreed, he somehow always put it of for the time being, and never got around to it.

 3704. Gradually Natalie began to take a vicarious interest in her neighbor Harriet’s affairs, and had lately even made so bold as to make suggestions about the designs of the uniforms Alexis wore. From the foregoing you may be beginning to suspect that Natalie was also overly interested in Alexis, and if that is what you think, I will tell you outright that you are correct in your assumption.

 3705. The fact was that all the wives in the neighborhood were silently in love with Alexis, and so to were the maids in the various households, and even the older women who worked in the dairies, and the barns knew of him if only by rumor.

3706. What did Alexis look like and how can we describe him, in order to justify this inordinate interest he produced in all the women of the neighborhood? If you had asked Natalie she would have simply said that Alexis was “curly headed,” and it is easy to accept that as a complete description. It is a complete description because, in the way it was said, and in the tenderness of the expression, all the rest of the boy’s appearance can be imagined.

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