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Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Schism, parts 3763 - 3766

 3763. What Ivan heard was this: “These equestrian statues that grace the squares and parks of our great cities have only one purpose, and that is to glorify the institution of Monarchy, of absolutist government. The idiots who create these things probably never think to themselves that the personages they depicted were not great at all but were truly a burden to mankind.”

 3764. “They are obsessed with the realism of the details of their works, and pride themselves that a horses hoof is anatomically correct, or that a cape or a boot is rendered accurately down the eyelets and stitches, and all the time they never stop to consider that the entire construction is an embarrassing falsehood.”

 3765. “Oh, for the day when these monstrosities can be torn down, along with the odious institutions they represent.”

3766. In Ivan’s entire life never had he heard the works of his father or his grandfather criticized. There was criticism in his father’s workshop however but it was always of a certain type. Often a model in clay was set up on a revolving stand, and both the students and the master were invited to offer criticism of the work. These criticisms were often harsh and emotionally devastating.

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