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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Schism, parts 3723 - 3726

 3723. From the door her husband surveyed the room and examined his wife with a stern and commanding look. A line of poetry came into his mind, it went like this, “That’s my last Duchess painted on the wall, looking as if she were alive.” He uttered these terrifying words out loud to his wife, who raised her tear stained face to him in supplication.

 3724. Harriet’s husband left the room and gave orders for Alexis to be found as soon as possible, and returned to his post as his lady’s coachman.

  3725. Alexis was found in Moscow. He was still at the boy’s military academy because the school administration had no idea what to do with him. It was their intention to return him to his Master and Mistress, but as it was the height of the summer season, and everyone of any importance was out of town, nothing had been done with him.

3726. On Friday of the week in question Alexis arrived home in the early afternoon. Harriet was in her greenhouse watering her numerous plants. Her husband had specially built the greenhouse for her, and she often spent her mornings there caring for her plants personally although she had a gardener, and the gardener had several assistants. Harriet had a green thumb.

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