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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Schism, Parts 3751 - 3754

3751. Ivan had the advantage of a childhood immersed in the procedures of the sculpture studio, but it was no advantage to him. He was like the tone deaf offspring in a composer, or an illiterate child of a Professor of Literature.

 3752. Even though he was handicapped when it came to carving figures in stone or modeling a head in wax or plaster, he still had sufficient ambition to desire to create works of art. He worked very hard at everything he did but the works he produced were painfully awkward. It was as though he could not see a piece of sculpture as a whole and all at once.

 3753. He might craft a head for example and one eye would be larger than the other, and the mouth and the chin could look like they belonged to a head half the size of the skull and the forehead. In short, he could see the parts clearly, but the whole he could not see at all.

 3754. When his mistakes were pointed out to him he saw his errors instantly and set to work to correct them but the corrections were just as ridiculous as the original work and so he was relegated to the status of permanent helper in the studio, even though his father was a renowned creator of monuments.

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