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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Schism, parts 3695 - 3698

 3695. This was a very dangerous question for Harriett to attempt to answer in any kind of an honest way. Why is it that if we have a secret grief, we can keep it hidden for years and never for an instant let our sorrow show, and yet if we just once begin to utter the words aloud, describing our pain to some friend, tears will rush to our eyes?

 3696. I do not know that answer to that question, but Harriett knew that she must not talk of her silly concern for her coach boy, because if she did her obsession would be known to her friends, and hence, known to everyone in the neighborhood.

 3697. It was at that moment that her dead Aunt Marfa came to her rescue. Having died, and having her death notice delivered at the critical moment, Harriett was able to cast her sorrow onto the death notice, and avoid at least for the moment, the coming catastrophe she faced.

3698. Harriett apologized for her abstraction, and then, showing the note she held in her hand to her friends, she said, “I just received a note saying that my dear Aunt Marfa has died after a tragic accident in her home. She was so dear to me that it has me deeply upset.” With that she rearranged the cards in her hand, took a deep breath, and prepared to continue the card game.

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