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Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 144 - 147

144. The metal plate was not interesting in any way, and the lettering identifying what it was had almost all disappeared years ago. What was interesting about it was they way all the rest of the sidewalk rectangle had cracked and deformed because of it.

145. I felt just like that square of sidewalk, it was a kind of presentation of my life, which was breaking and cracking up in an attempt of accommodate…certain things.

146. It was then I decided to cast entire pieces of broken pavement, instead of the manhole covers. “This is a breakthrough,” Mrs. Festini said.

147. A week later I completed my first new piece of sculpture. At a glance it looked like a piece of sidewalk hung up on the wall. The only difference was that, since it was plaster, it was pure white.

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