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Monday, May 23, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 196 - 199

196. The piece of painted sidewalk, I had titled, “”Icon of my Childhood.”  My first title was simply, My Childhood,” but Agnes wanted me to add the work Icon, so as to make it more art knowledgeable.

197. As usual, I gave in to my teacher about the title, but still I preferred the original title, because I thought that the thing I had made was a part of my being a child, and if I had had my way I would have put chalk hop-scotch lines on it rather that the splattered paint.

198. The splattered paint, like the title, was my teachers attempt to make the thing more relevant to the art community.

199. At the time I was in my third year of taking sculpture classes at our museum, and so I was in the habit of attending all the various openings every month. Mrs. Festini was always there with her husband, and so it was almost always necessary to say something to them each time. For this reason my wife, who always came with me, knew my teacher quite well.

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