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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 164 - 167

164. I thought that what might happen now was that I would have to go to the opening of the exhibition, take credit for the thing I made, and be discovered to be a person who knew nothing at all about art, art history, modern art, or even my own painting.

165. As usual,Mrs. Festini’s painting was rejected, even though it was obviously the best thing she had ever done, and she had spent many months suffering over it.

166. She did not mind however, since her things had always been rejected year after year, except for here first attempt, years ago when she was only 15, and had the benefit of not knowing anything.

167. My plaster cast of a square of sidewalk, covered over with splatters of multi-colored acrylic paint, was not only accepted into the show, but I was awarded a prize.

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  1. J'aime la composition de madame Festini, en bleu.
    Waterloo Belgique le 17/05/2017 à 18:02