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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 156 - 159

156. The art term for what Agnes had asked me to do was ‘abstract expressionism,” also known as action painting. I looked at various examples of this style, and then proceeded to apply the idea to my plaster cast. 

157. I did not think too much of the result, but Mrs. Festini was so impressed with what my sidewalk square looked like with paint slopped all over it, that she insisted I photograph it and submit it for an annual show she always placed work in at the museum in Detroit.

158. When I photographed it however, it did not look like sculpture at all, but only like a painting, so we agreed that I would submit it as a painting, and meanwhile, I attached hooks on the back of the thing, so it could be easily hung up on a wall.

159. But, I asked myself, “Why would anyone want to include in an exhibition a completely pointless conglomeration of meaningless unrelated ideas”. I had no idea. 

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