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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 188 - 191

 188. I said, “How much sand?” He answered, “you can add half by volume, even more, it can’t hurt.”

189. I made some experiments, and I cast a few small things and made them almost two thirds sand, and one part plaster. The result looked exactly like the cement you see in a sidewalk, it was a one to one match.

190. When it came time to cast my 5 foot by five foot plaster square of sidewalk, I utilized the same formula, and the result was beyond my hopes, for a convincing texture and color, but even when the moisture went out of it, I could hardly lift it up.

191. I moved it around with great care, using one of those hand trucks you see being used to get refrigerators up a flight of stairs.

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