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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 208 - 211

208. His wife came to his rescue saying that it was a drawing in sepia chalk. That was the only time I ever talked to Doctor Festini, and from then on he avoided me.

209. I think that Agnes suspected that I was not comfortable around her famous husband, and soon after she began to talk about him during our conversations after class, conversations that were becoming longer and more involved each week.

210. When she began to talk of her husband, it was haltingly at first, and consisted mostly of mentions of the numerous important things he was doing all the time.

211. There was some project he was involved in that required of Agnes that she do a series of drawings to “explicate the refinements of echo technology, especially in the shadow areas.” I think that is what she said, but I’m not certain.

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