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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 200 - 203

200. My wife detested Agnes, but not for any specific reason. Everyone in the room at the openings was in a different class that myself, so perhaps that was the reason.

201. Agnes’ husband was a well know surgeon in our town, and had done something important in the past, or else he had written some articles in medical journals at one time.

202. I did not like him, but for an odd reason. Every single time he attended the openings he always found on opportunity to talk about the Degas drawing he owned, and how mush he loved both the drawing and Degas.

203. There was something about this talk of the Degas drawing that got on my nerves to such an extent, that one time I asked him a question about it. It was a seemingly innocent question, so I do not think he noticed my evil intent.

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