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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 176 - 179

176. I had to answer this question in a self-incriminating way, because I did indeed pay a fee to submit my image to the museum.

177. Even if a picture was rejected one still had to pay the 25-dollar fee. Thousands of people wanted to be in the show, but only about a hundred things were accepted, so it was a big fund raising event for the institution.

178. Many artists submitted as many as ten things only to have them all rejected, so I was quite proud that I was going to be in the show and it not going to cost me very much.

179. For my wife this fee to be is the show was a complete explanation for an inexplicable event, and since it was only 25 dollars, that was the end of it for her, and she forgot all about it.

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