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Monday, May 16, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 168 - 171

168. It is painful for me now to recount what happened next, but how can I avoid it. I had to face up to the task of explaining to my wife that one of the things I had been making in the garage was going to be in a museum.

169. For a long time she had accepted the fact that one part of our two-stall garage was now my plaster workshop, and she did not complain about it as long as I kept her car covered with a tarp when I was working.

170. If she was forced to mention my hobby she always called it simply, “That stupid stuff,” but she said it in a good-natured way, so I did not take offense.

171. The idea that something I had made could possible be hung up in a museum however, struck my wife as an impossibility and the only explanation she could think of was that the museum had made a mistake.

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