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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Grandmother parts 2248 - 2251

 2248. But Grandmother did not get to express this dubious and sentimental idea of life and the world, and instead she managed to convey the exact opposite by only giving expression to the first few words of her lecture. What had happened was the return of some of the symptoms of her stroke of two weeks previous.

 2249. Grandmother, being the kind of person she was, took her own advice and her own medicine and plunged into her Bible in search of some quotation having to do with the deaf and dumb.

 2250. Before we go on and recount the effect this encounter with Grandmother had on Coromo I want to dispel any misconceptions I may have inadvertently created about Grandmother’s history and behavior. I am afraid I may have created the impression that she was a fraud or a con-artist, abusing the simplicity of her neighbors to make a few dollars with her displays of concern combined with piety, but that would be incorrect.

2251. You may think to yourself, “Sure, she was an old woman who had a deep faith in her religion, whatever peculiar sect it was,” and there again you would be wrong. Grandmother did not simply believe in God and it had nothing to do with faith. Grandmother knew for a fact that God existed, and she had no truck with any talk about faith of the sort doled out constantly to unbelievers.

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