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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2264 - 2267

 2264. This is not the place to state the details of Grandmother’s theology, and there would be no point to try to document them because they were constantly changing. Take for example the idea of Hell and eternal punishment. For Grandmother Hell might exist for fifty years, and then one day cease to exist, and furthermore, she would say with confidence that it never had existed.  If you consider the source of her theological notions, such ideas can not be considered unusual.

 2265. For people like Coromo, and anyone else who has been raised by a truly devout and truly religious person, life was a perpetual conglomeration of impossible to answer questions. Like it or not their minds have been branded from a time before they can remember  with a series of notions and ideas which are obviously absurd and without foundation, and yet, regardless of the absurdity, they can’t help but believe those ideas in there entirely.

 2266. Thus we have a person like Coromo who felt that everything he ever did was examined, considered and thought about by some Divine personage of some sort, and at the same time he realized that such an idea was silly as well as extremely egotistical. I use the term “Divine personage” because in all the years Grandmother had been indoctrinating Coromo and all her other children and grandchildren about religious matters, she was never at all specific about it.

2267. The thought that troubled Coromo the most was the exact opposite of the question that shipwrecks everyone else's attempts to believe in God. Every priest and minister, monk and pastor is approached over and over again with the same question, which is, “Father, if God exists why is there so much suffering in the world.” This eternal question is put to some authority on such matters every day thousands of times.

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