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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2272 - 2275

 2272. Suddenly in front of you on a screen would be the route to take and the milage with everything highlighted in blue. But Coromo, even from childhood, would rather dispense with any maps and directions and head out into the unknown looked after by nobody, his location and destination unknown. He liked to be able to say to himself, “I am in a place I have never been in before, looking at things I have never seen, and nobody in the whole wide world even knows where I am, not even me.”

 2273. But how could he be in a place that he did not know, looking at things he had never seen, thinking thoughts he had never thought before, and feeling feelings he never knew existed, if all of it was being recorded, written down, memorized, and thought about by some Divine being who was keeping track of his every move, and passing judgment on his every thought.

 2274.Yes, it boiled down in the end to a question of free will: do we have it or not. And for Coromo, if life was just a situation like riding along on a bike, and never being able to remove the supernatural training wheels, what was the good of it, how could it even be considered interesting?

2275. But, like it or no, that was his situation. His Grandmother had planted the seeds of these ideas in his mind, and there was no getting rid of them. They could be ignored for a long period of time, but just let some disaster strike, and Coromo would rush like a frightened mouse, straight to the sheltering hole of his childhood beliefs, there was no escape from it.

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