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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2324 - 2327

 2324. But we have been remiss about certain essentials of Coromo’s biography that have an important baring on his story. We have sand nothing previously about his parents. Who, for example, were his mother and father? What were they like? I have no idea. But his Grandmother knew something about it and shortly after the conversation in which she suggested to Coromo that he see the world, the voice in her head began to urge her to enlighten her grandson about his history.

 2325. Coromo never had a mother or a father, and as you know, he had been raised by his Grandmother. In such situations a boy growing up is bound to have ideas about who his parents were, and added to that, since two parents actually had existed, over time he was bound to hear comments and remarks which would become the basis of a story he constructed for himself about his “family,” and why it was that it did not exist.

 2326. This is what he knew. His mother had died in childbirth, and nobody was exactly sure who his father was. He had an aunt who claimed that his father was a local musician who later died of an overdose, and an Uncle who said that his father was a piano player who had emigrated to the United States.

2327. His Grandmother knew the truth of his parentage, but had been forbidden to speak about it by the voice in her head, but now, just as with his money and her advice to see the world, she was moved to disclose to Coromo the facts of his birth. Before she was able to do this however Grandmother had a profoundly upsetting experience.

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