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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2328 - 2331

 2328.  This voice she listened to all her life had been a reliable source of every type of information and advice on every possible subject. Sometimes she would put questions to the voice, and sometimes her guardian would just begin to lecture her unexpectedly, right out of the blue.

 2329. The subjects God talked to Grandmother about were varied and unpredictable. God would begin talking about the condition of some plant long forgotten on a shelf in a neighbors house, and gradually that lecture about the plant would evolve into a pointed directive about something Grandmother was supposed to do, or not do in the near future.

 2330. Over the years she had become entirely dependent on the voice in her head. She was like a simple dutiful servant who is employed by a brilliant and understanding employer. It would never have cross her mind to contradict Him, and she was always anxious and happy to follow His directions.

2331. And then something dreadful happened. She was just enjoying her morning tea and looking out the window into the garden. The garden this time of year was all shriveled up and turning brown, and in between the gray and tan dried up foliage she could see the brilliant red of the last of the unpicked tomatoes.

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