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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2292 - 2295

 2292. The object, The Sunday Times that is, always struck him as a strange and mysterious object. Coromo could read and speak English fairly well because of his experience of working at the resort, but French was his native tongue. When he looked at the Times he felt that it would take him many weeks to get through one complete copy.

 2293. The headlines however made no sense to him what-so-ever. He would read a set of six or seven words that seemed to combine politics, economics, and sociology all in one phrase and only come away with the conviction that it was about something happening in Australia. Later he would read the first paragraph of the same article and realize that it was probably about something that happened in Australia fifty years ago.

 2294. The next day, just out of curiosity, he would read the second paragraph and think that perhaps something had happened in Australia fifty years ago, and had been talked about in a certain way back then, and now lo-and-behold, people were realizing that what they thought back then was entirely wrong.

2295. Upon reading further, he would ascertain that this new attitude about what happened in Australia was not held by everyone now, but only by a select few individuals, and their view was being vigorously contested by others who still espoused the previous notions. And yet, through all of it, Coromo could not ascertain what exactly had happened fifty years ago in Australia, and why people were still arguing about it.

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