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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2320 - 2323

 2320. He thought watching some movies that take place in New York would help his to get a more realistic image of what the experience of being in the city was going to be like. The movies were no help. Some were romantic comedies in which the city was presented in the daytime as a huge opulent, inviting place full of  expensive apartment houses, restaurants, and hotels presided over by affable doormen in smart uniforms.

 2321. Other movies he watched were crime thrillers which presented him with a vision of night in the city, full of crime and gun fire, drug addicts and degenerates in dark alleyways. And then there was “Taxi Driver.” He though about this and imagined he would have to retire before dark, but where he was going to retire to he had no idea, because the hotels with the doormen were obviously not going to be affordable.

 2322. At this time it was natural that all his ideas for a trip should exist in the form of dreamy conjecture because in fact there was no possible connection between his dreams reality. This did not matter. We have all known people with similar dreams. It is possible for some young woman, a waitress perhaps, to desire to make a trip to Paris. Years can go by and the dream remains unfulfilled but nevertheless does not dissipate. 

2323. Perhaps the driving force in such a desire to travel is simple romance, but a person can marry, raise children, and grow old and still the dream remains.

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