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Friday, October 4, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2256 - 2259

 2256. He could just as well spell the words out for me if He wanted to but He says, “Your spelling is never going to improve if I always spell out everything for you a priori.” Then I would have to go to the dictionary and look up what “a prior” means. Then she asked me if I knew what a priori meant.

 2257. So I said to Grandmother, “A prior is Latin, and it means something like, ‘to go before,’ and it is used to indicate something that is obviously true and therefore does not need to be proved. It I say, ‘everyone knows that two plus two is four,’ that would be an example of something which is a prori, because we are born knowing it.”

 2258. “Just so,” exclaimed Grandmother, “and for me God is a thing which is a priori, in that I was born knowing all about it.” “But for the rest of us Grandmother,” I said, “God is something ‘a posteriori,’ because we have to find out about it later through instruction.”

2259. “Let me tell you this,” said Grandmother, “It is a priori or nothing, everything else is pointless. What I have seen all my life is that everyone just pretends to believe, and they pretend to pray, and they also pretend to be everything that they think they are. But it isn’t their fault since they were not born with a voice in their heads correcting their spelling and punctuation. Why I was picked out I don’t know, and it can’t be helped.”

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