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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2288 - 2291

 2288. Needless to say, there were numerous cars Coromo wanted to buy, but his credit card would not have paid for the rental of one of them for even two months. But like a teenager he returned to these glossy advertisement frequently. Unlike the clothing advertisements he could not imagine any path that could lead from where he was to the driver seat of one of those cars. The clothing, on the other had could all be purchased in a matter of moments, and delivered in a few weeks. 

 2289. Nevertheless, Coromo purchased nothing, and his credit card balance remained at zero, and then came the inheritance of his Grandmothers fortune, and her injunction to “See the world” and suddenly the equilibrium of Coromo’s world was entirely disrupted. 

 2290. It was the Sunday New York Times that did it, It was the Times travel section that tore a hole in the balanced forces holding Coromo’s life in place. Long before his conversation with his Grandmother he found himself drawn to the travel section of the Times. 

2291. This is how it came about. He could have gone his entire life without reading anything in the New York Times except the headlines of the front page when he noticed it on his way into the visitors reading room. On Sunday there were several copies of the Times and until the late afternoon all the parts were in use. But late in the day it was Coromo’s job to assemble all the sections back in their proper order and put them back on the periodical shelf. It was this small task which acted as an incubation.

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